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Diagram :
Topics Description
COFEPath COFE version of static class System.IO.Path, provide path related functions like GetDirectoryName(), also accessible via FS.Path property.
Entry Represent a file or directory in COFE file system.
EntryConstructor Provide CreateDirectory/File() file, which construct an entry using a PropertyProvider
EntryList Entry List is a collection of any number of entries.
EntryListRegistrar Enable user to register an entryList and access it later.
EntryTypeDictionary Dictionary of IEntryTypeInfo, which provides type info, including MIMEType, description and icon of one type of files or folders (e.g. text files).
Events All events are forwarded to EventDispatcher.
Filter Include IEntryFilter and IOptionFilter, which is used to specify what to lookup when listing.
PathParser Given the volumes and path, parse a path or guid and return an entry.
Property Property is an entity in Property set, it's used so PropertyProvider can determine which property is requested.
PropertyDictionary Dictionary of properties, allow lookup property from string, id or vice versa.
PropertyProvider Provide Property value to an entry or entry list if they're supported
PropertySerializer With appropriate parser, parse paramDic and filter string to an actual object.
UserProfile Represent a user.
Volume Enable listing and manipulating a file system.
VolumeRegistrar All volumes are registered here before usable.

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