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Entry (IFileSystemInfo)

Entry is the major entity of COFE2, it represents either a file or a directory in the COFE file system, it can be obtained by:
  • in IFileSystemInfo, calling FS.TryParse("apath") method.
  • in RESTful API, using /lookup?path=apath

The implementer of an Entry (FileSystemInfoExA) does not hold the property directly in the entry, it actually calls for it's PropertyProvider for property values.

Entry interface (IFileSystemInfo) has a number of properties, e.g. anEntry.LastWriteTime, which calls anEntry.GetProperty(FileSystemInfoProperties.LastWriteTimeUtc).ValueAsLocalDateTime, which calls

For other properties that doesn't have property in the interface (e.g. FileInfoProperties.CRC), it has to be obtained by calling the GetProperty() method directly.

Internally, all properties are obtained from it's PropertyProvider, which was assigned by it's creator DirectoryLister.

In COFEWS, all properties that are label as major metadata is returned.

  "id" : "f416d3a97894ecce5207b1289075a0c6",
  "basetype" : "Folder",
  "path" : "{TEMP}/1New Folder (4).zip",
  "time" : "6/27/2011 11:30:54 PM",
   "length" : 389055,
   "links" : [ .... ]

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