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Entry List

Entry List is a collection of any number of entries, which is accessible by calling it's Entries property.

Currently. there are two types of entry list, Auto and Custom. Auto entry list (IAutoEntryList) is created based on some look up parameter (see Filter), the entry list will then start a search and return the entries. Custom entry list (ICustomEntryList), on the another side, let user to manipulate the item inside the entry list.

var autoList = new AutoEntryList("AutoList", parent, "filetype:txt subdir:aLLDIRectories page:1,5");
var customList = new CustomEntryList("CustomList").InsertRange(entries);
For details about the filter string below, please see Filter.

Both types are supported to store in database for reuse, but you have to either create or register using the EntryListManager.
customList = FS.EntryLists.CreateCustomEntryList("custom");

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