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EntryType Dictionary

EntryTypeDictionary (EtiDic) is a dictionary of IEntryTypeInfo. IEntryTypeInfo provides type info, including MIMEType, description and icon of one type of files or folders (e.g. text files).

You can obtain an IEntryTypeInfo by calling COFEServices.COFEPedia.EntryType[entry];, EntryTypeDictionary will then process and return the appropriate IEntryTypeInfo, once cached in database, you can obtain the IEntryTypeInfo by calling it's id. COFEServices.COFEPedia.EntryType[etiId];.

Internally, when requesting an IEntryTypeInfo, EtiDic uses it's FilterGenerator to create a set of IEntryFilter that matches the entry input, because some IEntryFilter have EntryTypeIconProvider defined, EtiDic then uses it's IconExtractor to generate an icon based on the Icon provided by its IconProvider.

_entryFilterIconProviders.AddRange(new Tuple<Type, IEntryTypeIconProvider>[] 
     FilterUtils2.Tuple(typeof(FileEntryFilter), ResourceIconProvider.Instance), 
     FilterUtils2.Tuple(typeof(DirectoryEntryFilter), ResourceIconProvider.Instance) 

In COFEWS, it's mapped to /entrytypes address

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