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Events are raised to report progress or, events are forwarded to a central place called EventDispatcher, and broadcast there.

To receive events, user can either subscribe to a EventDispatcher by calling RegisterListener() method directly, or query to it's EventLogger. EventLogger store the received events, it provides GetEventLog() method, which allow user to search for elapsed events, based on sender and time.

FileSystemWatcherExA, which is similar to System.IO.FileSystemWatcher, is a type of FileSystemListener.

COFE currently defined two types of event,
FileSystemEventArgsEx, Similar to System.IO.FileSystemEventArgs, raised when filesystem changed.
WorkEventArgs, which provide work progress.

Namespace Event EventDispatcher EventLogger
COFE.Core FileSystemEventArgsExA / RenameEventArgsExA COFEShared.FileSystemEventDispatcher COFEServices.Loggers.FileSystemEventLogger
COFE.Core.Actions WorkEventArgs COFEActionShared.WorkScheduler.EventDispatcher COFEServices.Loggers.WorkEventLogger

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