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Auto EntryList define lookup parameter by defining IEntryFilter and IOptionFilters, they are actually parsed by COFEShared.FilterParser object.

IEntryFilter is used to define what entries can be matched, or where to look for the entries,
IOptionFilter is used to specify extra options.
OR is an operator that works with IEntryFilter only, it means anything that match either previous entry filter or next entry filter is okay.

For examples, to look for cs or text file that have filename contains abc under the {temp} and it's sub-directory, sort by filename, one can create an AutoEntryList with the following filter string :
root:{temp} filename:abc filetype:cs OR filetype:txt subdir:true sort:name+
Because it search for subdir, it may take a while if it's not cached in database.

A list of available Filters
FilterType Filter Sample Description
IEntryFilter Filetype filetype:cs Can specify "file", "folder" or an extension.
IEntryFilter Filename filename:*.txt file or directory that match the pattern, mask supported.
IEntryFilter OR filetype:cs OR filetype:txt Combine two entry filter using OR operation, case sensitive.
IEntryFilter Root root:{temp} Define the root directory to start search, use multiple filter to define multiple roots.
IEntryFilter Property size:>5 crc:ABCDEF Any property that have Alias attribute defined.
IEntryFilter DBExpire expire:prop Entry that have it's property (prop/property) or listing (list) expired in database.
IOptionFilter SearchOption subdir:AllDirectories Define whether lookup subdirectory, beside values of SearchOptionEx, one can also use "true" or "false".
IOptionFilter SortResult sort:size Define how to sort the output entries, it takes a Property and a or - symbol.
IOptionFilter Paginate page:2,5 Split the output into pages and return only the specified page, e.g. page 2, each page have 5 items.
IOptionFilter SearchSource source:db Where to Lookup from, database (db), file system (fs) or both (all)

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