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Known Properties

There must be no overlap for property id , so please make sure they're unique.

Property Group Id range Description Properties
InternalProperties 0-9 For internal use only. EmbeddedEntry
FileSystemInfoProperties 10-49 A list of properties for both IFileInfo and IDirectoryInfo. FullName, FullParseName, ParentParseName, SecondaryVolumeKey, Name, Label, Type, IsExists, IsCachable, FileAttributes, COFEAttributes, CreationTimeUtc, LastWriteTimeUtc, LastAccessTimeUtc, IsFileSystem, Parent, EntryTypeInfoKey, EntryTypeInfo
FileInfoProperties 70-89 A list of properties for IFileInfo. Length, CRC, MD5
DirectoryInfoProperties 50-69 A list of properties for IDirectoryInfo. FileBasedFSFile, IsFileBasedFS, DirectoryType, HasSubFolders, HasFiles, SubFolderCount, FileCount
IconProperties 90-100 Icon of different size. SmallIcon, LargeIcon, ExtraLargeIcon, JumboIcon
DatabaseProperties 101-110
COFEWSProperties 111-120
EventLogProperties 121-130
EntryActions 1050-1099 A list of actions for FileSystemInfo Parse, List, Refresh, Delete, Rename, CopyTo, CreateDirectory
InternalActions 1030-1049 Include Internal actions Discover, Transfer
EntryListActions 1001-1029 A list of actions for EntryList Save, Load, Remove, Combine, Select

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