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COFE2 include multiple libraries:

Type Name Description
COFE2 COFE.Core Defines the base classes (Entry, EntryType, Filter, Volumes, Logger) and its implementation. Although it defines what is volumes, it doesn't define the volumes, they are defined in COFE.IO
COFE2 COFE.Core.Actions Defines Action (which is a Func), Work (which runs action(s) or other logic) and Scheduler (which schedule works in a queue and run them using multiple threads) support.
COFE2 COFE.Helpers Provide a number of optional classes : FS, COFEUser, COFEAdmin, COFEServices, which wrap multiple classes in COFE.Core and COFE.Core.Actions in one place.
COFE2 COFE.IO Win32 implementations of directoryLister, include FileSystemInfo, FileSystemInfoEx, SevenZip and IsolatedStorage.
COFEDB COFE.Data Provide cache support for COFE entries using database, also provide DBLink, which is a kind of volumes that uses the entry list and the cached entries as backstore, suitable for defining Bookmarks.
COFEWS COFE.Web Defines the base classes for the Web (Entry, Links, Search), JSON <--> XML conversion code.
COFEWS COFE.Web.Services ASP.Net application that provides REST Web services and HTML front end.

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